Innovation Gym @ Experimentarium

In 2016 Experimentarium, the Copenhagen based Science Center will be moving to a new house in Tuborg Havn. As part of the development for the new house I…

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Skolernes Innovations Dag

Experimentarium is behind Skolernes Innovationsdag (Innovation Day for Schools), a yearly event with focus on creativity and innovation in schools. It takes place at schools across age groups….


Innovation Match

Innovation Match is a playful network for people within technology and science, business and innovation.     Innovation Match is based at Experimentarium Science Center and was funded…

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Early Warning Systems

Worked with several institutions within both primary and secondary sectors across Denmark in creating digital systems that would optimise workflows for healthcare staff. Early Warning System is automatic and…


Femern Bælt

Femern Bælt recruited us to develop and design an engaging and fun-filled promotion material for children with lots of facts for learning. Key Tasks: Layout and illustration Game-development…


OPALL workshops Pallas

Planning and facilitating three workshops over a 5 month period alongside product development and testing of a digital planning tool for primary and secondary sectors in the danish…


Home care + wound care + 3D photography

As part of multiple development projects for Pallas Informatik I planned and performed field research in the danish home care system. I conducted interviews and analysed observations to…


Københavns Kommune

“Early Awareness” is a digital tool for smartphones, which home carers can use to register important information on-the-go about the citizens they visit. Following the introduction “Early Awareness”…


Future Agenda 2020 – Health

Sponsored by Vodafone in 2010 and as a part of Future Agenda the future of health was examined. What will “health mean in” in 2020? Systems of health…


In my own time

[Charlotte] has been investigating the different models of Time used by archetypal members of a family. It is partly motivated by her interest in intra-family communication, which she…

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Kliklflik is a home-bloodsampling solution developed for children with acute leukeamia, but with wide potential for other sufferers of chronic illness. Kliklflik is the result of the major group…


Take 9

1 week to create 3 concepts. 1 concept passed on. 1 concept received. 1 week making 1 prototype and defining 1 manufacturing process. 1 prototype passed on. 1…


Rural-Urban Beijing – GoGlobal

  GoGlobal was a three week project conducted in Beijing, China. A collaboration between students of Royal College of Art, Imperial College and Tsinghua University, sponsored by Microsoft….



Superform – a chair inspired by sitting on the shoulders of a loved one. Sitting on this chair creates an emotional space that most people left behind when…