[Charlotte] has been investigating the different models of Time used by archetypal members of a family. It is partly motivated by her interest in intra-family communication, which she suspects is made more difficult if their models of Time are not shared. She has made a number of digital tools to ‘translate’ one kind of Time to another. One of the simplest but most effective is here:

(Dr. Stephen Boyd Davis)

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‘In my own time, on my own time’ was a project centred around exploring individual time and how we navigate a common ground family time with varying individual perceptions of time.

Time changes at the border of the context we find ourselves in – this project started looking at time and the workplace, as the measure of productivity is time. Quickly I established that there is a clear ownership feeling related to peoples time-truths and experiences about time.

The rigidity and uniformity of the UTC time convention stands in a sharp contrast to our experience of time – so how does the individual bend themselves to the convention?

I created a family of five fictive people – to have a place to pin research and findings down and to explore time across multiple and varying perceptions of time.

The research is collected in a book and a report and led to explorative design outcomes that translate our individual perceptions of time.

The research also led to a conceptual Calendar App that lets users translate the view across varying time perceptions and a commercial project for families with people in care homes living with dementia.