Kliklflik is a home-bloodsampling solution developed for children with acute leukeamia, but with wide potential for other sufferers of chronic illness. Kliklflik is the result of the major group project as part of the master at Royal College of Art and Imperial College.



Research was done across a broad range of scopes and involved partners. Children, biochemists, parents, doctors, scientists and clerks. In order to create a solution that would be spot on both on safety, result, emotion and sustainability.

Several bloodtests a week over several years meaning many travels to hospital. Risk of infection. Unnessecary amount of blood sampled due to the size of the speciment container and to match the correct ratio of anti-coagulant. Expensive machinery that handles just that size of specimen container. Children’s need for communication and visualisation and their ability to quickly mature and take charge and understand their illness.



A prescribed kit for sampling in the home. Specimen container redesigned to house a needle and specimen collector and still match existing machinery. Special cap that helps mark the appropriate place to prick with the needle. Integrated capillary tube that helps collect the blood. Packaging that guides the blood sampling process, ensures better blood flow and doubles as bio-waste management. A flick-book with stickers that visualises blood counts over time and lightens the child involvement.


A system that uses existing infrastructure and encourages healthy feedback loops.

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