Planning and facilitating three workshops over a 5 month period alongside product development and testing of a digital planning tool for primary and secondary sectors in the danish healthcare system. Participants were ergo, physio, nurse and design students. Students are very familiar with the future of their field focused in progression and improvement eager to make a difference.

The workshops uncovered opportunities for collaborations and mapped workflows across areas of expertise. And we got into storytelling and rough prototyping.

Following the first two workshops (“Research & Analysis” and “Concept Development”) Pallas developed a working prototype which was tested and discussed in the final workshop (“Prototyping & Testing).


Background: OPALL was a three year long initiative of public/private alliances formed to create exciting development work. Public institutions benefitted in being able to influence the solutions created for them and private development companies got invaluable insights and quick-to-test possibilities. The projects fed into the knowledge of creating public/private innovations (OPI)