GoGlobal was a three week project conducted in Beijing, China. A collaboration between students of Royal College of Art, Imperial College and Tsinghua University, sponsored by Microsoft. It was an intense exploration of rural/urban migration to Beijing.

The focus of the project was to create solutions for the many rural farmers moving to Beijing. The team designed a flexible health insurance for migrant workers, without a Beijing ID card and thus not covered by the government, to easily pay for their insurance just by making calls to their relatives in the rural communities.

Many migrant workers take on high-risk physical jobs in order to provide for a family that remains in the rural areas. The jobs are often within mining or construction. Workers have little chance of objecting toIn providing for the family that stayed behind, people end up with risky jobs, often in the construction or mining sectors. They have with little chance of objecting to poor work conditions. As a consequence of holding an ID card from a birth province other than Beijing, these people are not covered by health insurance. Injuries can have a brutal effect on the entire family, and on the children’s ability to get good education, when the income of an adult is lost.

During the project we found that paying to be covered by health insurance was uncommon; putting whole families at great risk. However mobile phones were common even for the very poor, as communication with the part of the family still living in the countryside, was valued very high.

Therefore we designed a system and a Sim-card that pays off on health insurance every time you make a call. Your insurance is paid within the first year.